Trading Security for Soybean Sales, AOC and Swimming Pools, Goodbye Health Insurance

Game set and match to Xi Jinping. He gets soy beans and other stuff he desperately needs to feed his people and his pigs, and President Trump gets a few more farm-country votes, Maybe. All our President had to give away to seal the deal is America’s security – unless he was lying when he warned us and our completely confused allies that to deal with Huawei is to invite Chinese spies to your conference and dinner tables.

While the President was trading security for votes, Democrats were trolling for votes by promising to wipe out the health-care insurance industry that provides coverage for 245 million Americans, and replace it with a government-run system, perhaps one as successful as the VA has been. With an added bonus for American citizens – give the Democrats control of the executive branch and the congress, and the government would use citizens’ tax dollars to provide “free” health care for illegal immigrants. Never has such a sweet deal been offered to bureaucrats trained at VA hospitals and Central Americans crossing illegally into this country. Middle Americans might be forgiven for failing to see its virtues.

Nor is it certain that they will want to take up Elizabeth Warren’s offer. She is offering a better economy than the one that is growing at 3%, has the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years and the boomingest stock market ever, and has wages of manufacturing workers rising faster than their supervisors’ pay. So tight is the labor market that the labor force participation rate of single mothers has risen by four percentage points, mostly because of a rise in employment of single mothers without college degrees. Because the federal safety net is “less reliable”, says the New York Times, “working for pay is increasingly their only option”, just as Bill Clinton long ago predicted. And the tight, capitalist labor market is prompting those hated capitalists to offer flexible hours and other offsets to problems that have made lives at work difficult for these women in the past.

All Warren wants in return for surrendering these advantages of a capitalist labor market are an increase of marginal tax rates on the hated and corrupt rich by some 30 percentage points and a tax on wealth, a shut-down of the health insurance industry, a wipe-out of the debt undertaken by college students who are stunned to find that the courses they have taken are not producing high-paying jobs, a break-up of large corporations who have only their shareholders’ interests at heart, some of whom “are foreign investors”. You know, those evil people who prefer investing in this country’s broken capitalist system to making their capital available to socialist Venezuela.

Bernie Sanders knew the capitalist system was broken years ago, even before he honeymooned in Moscow. Give him credit for candor: he is willing to call his program a “revolution”, which should sell well in the center-right swing states that provided Nancy Pelosi with her House majority. She, of course, has her hands full with a “progressive” faction that voted against providing funds to alleviate over-crowding and reportedly horrible conditions for children who arrived here illegally. This faction did not want to be Trump’s enablers by providing him with funds he might use to improve his standing with voters, even if that meant leaving the kids in the squalor in which the progressives say these children find themselves. Trillions for a Green New Deal, not one cent for diapers and mattresses for toddlers. Compassion apparently went out of style with George W. Bush.

It is not entirely fair to accuse the progressives of a lack of compassion. Their leader, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is so compassionate she wants everyone to have as a right what until now have been considered luxuries. She now lives in a building in Washington that reportedly features both indoor and roof-top pools, a dog-wash station, a golf simulator, and other amenities. The units in New York’s new public housing development, she says, “look just like my luxury apartment” in DC. Everyone should be entitled to luxuries such as those she enjoys, which she lists as clean air and clean water. No mention of dog parks.

It is not true that Trump wants the Republican National Committee to buy television time to re-broadcast the Democratic debates, and air a day-in-the-daily-life of AOC.

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