Politics makes strange bedfellows

Joe Biden is a Democrat. Elon Musk is a Republican.

Joe Biden believes trade unions built the middle class. Elon Musk runs a 110,000-employee company that does not recognize trade unions.

Joe Biden believes he has built a strong, resilient American economy capable of withstanding the Fed’s monetary tightening. Elon Musk has a “super bad feeling” about the economy.

Yet Joe Biden is perhaps Elon Musk’s largest investor and financial supporter.

As a last shot at Musk, Biden wished him “Lots of luck on his trip to the moon.” Surely the President was sincere, since SpaceX is benefitting from a $2.89 billion government contract, and Biden, who claims a parsimonious streak, would not want to see taxpayer money go down the drain.

Also, the President has spent a good deal of time promoting the sale of electric vehicle. Since Tesla captures about 70 per cent of all sales of EVs, even though the President doesn’t like his non-union shops, the promotion of the product surely benefits making Biden a Musk promoter on earth as well as in space.

In short, the President is helping Musk on two planets. With him for an enemy, Musk doesn’t need many friends.