The President Proposes, Each Governor Disposes

We now have a pretty good idea what to do to minimize the reach and impact of the new coronavirus, COVID-19. We have a pretty good idea what to do to ameliorate its economic impact, or at least provide needed relief. But we don’t yet know what to do to fuse consideration of the physical […]

How To Get The Coronavirus Rescue Right

We need a nation proud of having protected its vulnerable population from the virus-as well as of saving its vulnerable businesses and workers from the infection’s catastrophic economic consequences. There is no denying that the new coronavirus creates a health emergency, justifying federal, state, and local governments taking steps to reduce the transmission of the […]

Now Doesn’t Always Mean Now

If you want to understand the rate at which the gloom in the U.S. is thickening, consider this. When this writer downed his morning coffee Jan Hatzius and his team of economists at Goldman Sachs were predicting that the economy would contract at an annual rate of 5% in the second quarter. At that point […]

The Week That Was and The One That Will Be

Last week was a good week for Democrats. Joe Biden’s wins in key primary states just about put paid to socialist Bernie Sanders’ chances of snagging the party’s presidential nomination and forcing Democrats to march into battle against Donald Trump singing The Internationale, calling for an end to the days when “the rich are free […]

Taking Stock Podcast, Covid-19, Trump and the Global Economy

from Dublin     TAKING STOCK PODCAST: COVID-19,  TRUMP AND THE GLOBAL ECONOMY Irwin Stelzer 3/13/20 Vincent is joined by the US Economist and Columnist with The Sunday Times Irwin Stelzer to talk about the US Economy and Trump’s reaction to COVID-19. Click image above to listen to podcast ____________________________________________________________  

The Battle of the Isms

When presidential wannabe Joe Biden dragged himself out of bed on February 29, exhausted after campaigning for the Democratic presidential nomination late into the previous night, his campaign was deemed dead, finished, buried under a series of gaffes. When he crawled back into bed that night, exhausted from celebrating his victory in the South Carolina […]

The President’s Wish List, aka The Federal Budget

Every year at this time Washington’s political actors stage a fiscal drama. In three acts. Act One: The President sends his proposed budget for the coming fiscal year to congress. Act Two: The House of Representatives, which has been cast by the Constitution in the role of initiators of money bills, announces that the script […]

Letting it Rip

With the President having delivered his State of the Union address, the senate having voted to acquit him of high crimes and misdemeanors (a result favored by 52% of Americans), and the Democrats having declared there is a 100% chance that President Trump will cheat in the November election, the country is about where it […]

An Off Ramp on the Road to War

When Iranian-backed mobs stormed the American embassy in Iraq, and Trump responded by ordering that Major General Qassem Soleimani be permanently removed from his day- and night-job as chief organizer of terrorism in the region, many forecasters scrapped their outlooks for 2020. Then both the Iranian Ayatollah and the American President confined themselves to restrained […]

The Confrontation With Iran Drones On

Just when you think your crystal ball is a bit clearer than usual, events intrude to fog it up. It is now more difficult than ever to decide what the U.S. economy, indeed the global economy, will look like tomorrow, much less in the year that is about to break upon us. All will depend […]