A Soft Landing or Turbulence In 2024

Last week the Conference Board reported that consumer confidence increased in November after declining for three consecutive months. That was obvious from the data pouring in over a Thanksgiving holiday weekend that included Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Post-Thanksgiving Buying Binge Black Friday is the day consumers unzip wallets and purses and open the holiday […]

Got Lots of Satisfaction, Except From Government

Goodbye jobs, hello Artificial Intelligence, AI. In its most threatening form, generative AI, is developed to the point where it is capable of creating text, images and other products from our personal data. Some estimate that almost all jobs will be affected in whole or part, with millions eliminated in marketing and advertising, teaching and […]

An Unhappy America, Enemies Take Aim At The Dollar

Unemployment is close to record lows, available jobs exceed the number of job seekers, the economy is growing at a healthy 2.4 percent annual rate or faster, and measured inflation is coming down. Yet consumer confidence fell this month to its lowest level in four months, and the share of Americans describing their current family […]

The Attack Of The Killer Bs

A trio of killer Bs — Biden, bin Salman and Barr, President, Prince and pro-regulation banker — is attacking the American economy. It is calling the increasing prospect of a soft landing into question, reducing the nation’s competitiveness with a tsunami of regulations, and threatening US security. In the process, the Bs have erased back-to-back […]

America’s Two Different Worlds

Democrats are puzzled at the failure of Bidenomics to propel their man to a substantial lead over an opponent charged with 91 felonies. After all, the economy is growing, providing jobs for an expanding work force, while inflation is coming down. Biden boasts of record job creation, a boom in factory construction for which his […]

Navigating Through The Clouds To A Soft Landing

The Ever-Present “But” The life of a monetary policymaker is not an easy one, especially so for Federal Reserve Board chairman Jay Powell, who claims to be data dependent. The American economy, as measured by GDP, grew at an annual rate of 2.1 per cent in the second quarter, rather than at the 2.4 per […]

America On A Tear, Its Enemies in Tears

The American economy continues to amaze, or “surprise on the upside” to use the words forecasters prefer to “I was wrong”. Jobs are available for all who care to work, retail sales rose for the fourth consecutive month in July and at almost twice the anticipated rate, economic growth seems to be accelerating to a […]