So It’s To Be Biden/Harris

Although it is highly unlikely that the Trump team’s challenges to Joe Biden’s victories in key states will prevail, there is no denying its right to mount them, indeed, its obligation to the more than 70 million Americans who voted for the President, to do so. En route to a Biden presidency we were reminded, […]

Campaign. Count. Court

Tomorrow the laggards get to have their say. Those who have chosen to delay voting until what we still call “Election Day” will have had access to late-breaking news denied to their hastier fellows – the extent of the new Covid outbreak, the tale of the Biden family’s financial dealings, data on the extent of […]

Trump’s Economy Heads Up as Does Biden’s Lead

Any doubt that the American economy is a resilient beast is in the process of being dispelled. It is in the midst of an unexpectedly sharp recovery. This is not to deny rampant suffering. Although jobless claims plunged last week, and Amazon continues to swallow up new staff in 100,000-job gulps, the jobs market remains […]

Nice Guy Biden vs. Leo Durocher

The campaign has established important things. Joe Biden, who continues periodically to insist he is running for the Senate, is a nice man, empathy oozing from every pore. Trump is not a nice man, not an empathetic bone in his body. Trump supporters are hoping that Leo Durocher, then manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers, was […]

Trump and Biden Head for a Return Bout After the Pence vs. Harris Undercard

The vice presidency “is not worth a bucket of warm piss,” announced John Nance Garner, the 32nd vice president of the United States from 1933 to 1941, when Franklin D. Roosevelt occupied the White House. Cactus Jack, as Garner was known to his Texas friends, was commenting on the fact that the vice president’s Constitutional […]

Trump’s Bout With Covid Sends Political Wheels Spinning

Early reports that President Trump was suffering only from “light” symptoms of Covid-19 proved overly optimistic. Late Friday a helicopter whisked him from the White House south lawn to Walter Reed Hospital, said to be the most state-of-the-art medical facility in the world. A masked Trump insisted on being filmed walking to the chopper, and […]

The Knights of Industry at Their Roundtable

Voting is under way. Trump is blaming the Chinese for unleashing Covid-19 on America. Biden is blaming Trump for an inadequate response. Trump says his policies held the death toll to a bit more than 200,000 instead of a possible 2.5 million. Biden says the 200,000 deaths could have been avoided by quicker action and […]

Jobs and More Jobs. Debt and More Debt.

The economy is doing better than most people had hoped. The failure of the warring politicians to extend benefits has not completely derailed it. A vaccine seems to be on the horizon, ready for use before year end. All that good news is adding to mounting pessimism about the future of the American economy and […]

The U.S. Economy & Election

Vincent Wall is joined by US Economist, Business Advisor and Columnist with The Sunday Times (London) Irwin Stelzer NewsTalk Radio, Dublin. 9/3/20 Click to open Link For a brief discussion of the American political and economic situation.

We Enter The Home Stretch

“Ask not for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee.” That’s the message coming to Trump from pollsters (the Real Clear Politics average) and the more literary members of the team ensconced with Joe Biden in his basement redoubt. Biden leads in the national polls (+7.1) and in key states that swung to Trump […]