“Don’t Worry, Be Happy” – Bobby McFerrin

It is no longer necessary to guess at where President Biden intends to take the country. The only open questions are whether he will be able to scale the political hurdles en route to his destination, and what sort of country America will be should he get there. The road to this new America is […]

Irwin Stelzer on US Economic Recovery

IRWIN STELZER ON US ECONOMIC RECOVERY Click to Listen By any metric the US economy has made an impressive recovery following the closures of the past 14 months. Bobby Kerr was joined by US Economist, Business Advisor and Columnist with The Sunday Times, Irwin Stelzer to discuss in more detail. Comments welcome, please feel free […]

Biden Moves From Transitional to Transformative

President Biden appeared before a joint session of Congress last week to announce the largest expansion of the American government since Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society in 1964-1965, and perhaps the largest ever redistribution of income, wealth and resources from richer – the top 1% – to poorer. The man who campaigned as a moderate is […]

Up, Up And Away: Spending, Taxes, Deficits, Shares, Prices

It’s not easy to follow the trillions trail. Here is a road map. Six relief bills have pumped $5.3 newly created fiat money into the economy, equal to about 25% of GDP. The early tranches of this spending reflected a bipartisan view that something had to be done to relieve the distress caused by the […]

Building Back Better As The Economy Booms

My weekly comment on America’s political economy, until now, has been delivered to you on the Constant Contact platform. Starting this week it is being delivered on the Substack platform instead. The format might change slightly but, for better or worse, the content will not. And it will remain available without charge. As always, I […]

Not Even 100 Days, and Already Transformational

American Democrats are haunted by a nightmare in which Joe Biden is the central figure. Faced with a collapse of the international financial system when he took office, President Obama handed his vice president, Joe Biden a poisoned chalice, an $831 billion stimulus package that Democrats believe proved too little, too late, to produce a […]

Get Elected As A Moderate, Govern As A “Progressive”

Joe Biden has presided over the most radical change in the nation’s political economy since Franklin Roosevelt’s’ New Deal. And done it in about half of FDR’s famous One Hundred Days. He has expanded the reach of government and the welfare state by as much as, or more than, Lyndon Baines Johnson’s “All the Way […]

Debt-Free Job Creation: Open the Economy

C’mon down, y’all. If y’all are tired of waiting for your state to really open things up, come to Texas. “It is now time to open Texas 100 per cent,” announced governor Greg Abbott. Theaters, sports venues, bars and restaurants to operate at capacity. No masks required, but if you want to wear one, and […]

Bidenomics: Borrow. Spend. Print. Repeat.

Copper prices are up 56% to a nine-year high, house prices 9.5%, freight rates 215%, soybeans 54% and lumber 117%, according to Jon Hilsenrath of the Wall Street Journal. The cost of feeding herds has jumped 30%, oil and other commodity prices are soaring and prices of used cars are up 17%. That’s not the […]