Sensible Climate Policy for the Age of Trump

Climate policy is frozen. The Trump administration does not believe the globe is warming as a result of carbon emissions. The preferred policy of those who believe change is occurring is a carbon tax. But it is politically unattainable, at least for now. The attached discussion paper assumes that there is sufficient possibility that human-induced […]

Trump Looks to Saudi Oil for Help

Don’t look now, but gas prices are climbing. In the great game that is the international oil industry, you can’t tell the players without a scorecard. There is Iran (the world’s largest state sponsor of terror), its mullahs joined with Russia (international dispenser of exotic poisons), in an alliance to preserve the murderous Assad regime […]

Oil Prices Are Sky-High: What Happened to Fracking?

Remember the good old days when experts decided that the power of the OPEC oil cartel to control oil prices had come to an end? That fracking had made the United States the swing producer, ramping up production any time prices started to rise? That the future of the world’s economy would be based on […]

Energy Policy: Abandon

ENERGY POLICY: ABANDON HOPE ALL YE WHO ENTER HERE BY IRWIN STELZER No energy policy discussion is worth having if it does not start with a hard fact: there is no practical alternative to continued U.S. dependence on crude oil imported from nations that at best do not wish us well, and at worst wish […]

The Economic Consequences of COP21

12/14/15 Irwin Stelzer The international conference on climate change attracted thousands of delegates from almost 200 nations. The Conference of the Parties21, so named for the parties that signed the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in 1992 and had come to Paris for what was their 21st conference, came to an end with the […]

A Deal over Climate Change

Irwin M Stelzer 2/29/16 T he science of climate change may or may not be the certain thing that the president claims it is, but surely certain is the fact that he can push the Constitution only so far before the Supreme Court pushes back. Which is what it has done by granting the […]

Obama’s Climate Change Diversion

Irwin M Stelzer 9/5/16 President Obama will tolerate a lot for an opportunity to push his climate-change agenda. At this weekend’s G20 summit meeting of the world’s developed (aka “rich”) nations, which account for 85 percent of the world’s economy, his Chinese hosts really poured on the humiliation. Unlike every other national leader, Obama […]

Mag: An Opportunity for Environmentalists If they have the wit

THE MAGAZINE: From the March 13 Issue Irwin M Stelzer 3/6/17 Donald Trump might turn out to be a blessing in disguise for the environmental movement. As Winston Churchill replied when his wife suggested his party’s loss might turn out to be just such a blessing in disguise, “At the moment it seems quite […]

The Red Chinese Go ‘Green’

Irwin M Stelzer 7/6/17 Chinese president Xi Jinping is headed to the G20 meeting in Hamburg later this week planning to paint the town-no, not red-but green. Using President Trump’s decision to withdraw America from the Paris climate deal as an excuse, Xi will present himself as the new savior of the environment. As […]

Sat:The Sacred Science

Irwin Stelzer 11/11/17 They have come to Bonn, Germany, some 25,000 diplomats, scientists, and lobbyists from some 200 nations to put flesh on the bare bones of the climate agreement signed two years ago. That’s when members of the congregation, gathered in Paris, pledged to limit further global warming to 2 degrees Celsius above […]