Sustainable Growth: Common Sense and Compromise vs. Ideological Purity

IRWIN STELZER Director, Economic Policy Studies October 2012 I am honored that President Anderson * has asked me to give the Inaugural Lecture in what I am certain will be a constructive series of discussions well, if not certain, hopeful. After all, energy policy is a field in which even constructive engagement, which is rare, […]

The Road from Paris Might Lead to Lower Emissions

A television at the New York Stock Exchange shows President Trump announcing withdrawal from Paris Climate Accord June 1 2017 BRYAN R. SMITH AFPGetty Images_ Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris agreement has produced severe withdrawal symptoms at the New York Times and in environmentalists’ headquarters, or at least in some of them. It […]

The Sacred Science

They have come to Bonn, Germany, some 25,000 diplomats, scientists, and lobbyists from some 200 nations to put flesh on the bare bones of the climate agreement signed two years ago. That’s when members of the congregation, gathered in Paris, pledged to limit further global warming to 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels (a target […]