Here We Grow Again: Governments On How To Dress, What To Eat, And What To Drive

European Fashionistas Have A Problem European Union regulators have a plan to put “fast fashion out of fashion by 2030”. The only clothing allowed to be sold in the 27 member states must be “long-lived and recyclable, to a great extent made of recycled fibers.” Because it is difficult to recycle garments made with several […]

Ageing Nukes Are Good For You, Pickleball, Peanut Butter Sandwiches

When Is A Label Misleading But Legal? “Health, Climate, Tax Bill Signed” headlines The Wall Street Journal over a picture of a masked President Biden watching a fist-pumping, grinning Senator Majority leader Chuck Schumer. The bill referred to is the Inflation Reduction Act, so named to suggest it is aimed at reducing inflation, which it […]

Politics makes strange bedfellows

Joe Biden is a Democrat. Elon Musk is a Republican. Joe Biden believes trade unions built the middle class. Elon Musk runs a 110,000-employee company that does not recognize trade unions. Joe Biden believes he has built a strong, resilient American economy capable of withstanding the Fed’s monetary tightening. Elon Musk has a “super bad […]

Gleanings for May 12, 2022

When Hunter Biden joined his father on Air Force One for a 14-hour flight to Beijing, father and son never discussed Hunter’s business affairs in China. So say they both. It has long been a liberal/left position that corporations should not be allowed to contribute to political parties. “America faces a crisis of corporate capture […]

The State of the President’s View of the Union

It has not been a good week for the future of American politics. First, the largest gathering of Republican conservatives voted overwhelmingly to have Donald Trump lead the party into combat in 2024. Then, President Joe Biden used his State of the Union Address to ask congress to pass his Left’s laundry list of items […]

Gleanings & Observations

Note: At this writing negotiations are underway between Ukraine and Russia to find a way to end this war. A flustered Putin has yet to unleash a full-throated attack on Ukraine, which he still might do, unless a face-saving exit can be arranged. After the shock of his invasion of Ukraine caused a massive share […]