Charles Krauthammer and the Nats and me

On May 28, 1957, a day that will live in infamy, Major League Baseball’s owners allowed the Brooklyn Dodgers to move to Los Angeles (now the home of fans who arrive late and, if their team is behind, leave early). As a child I had listened to Brooklyn Dodger games on a small portable radio, […]

Crime Pays, Contrition Doesn’t, Students Relax, Parents Misbehave

Crime pays. For about a decade Facebook has been violating an agreement it worked out with the Federal Trade Commission. Now the piper is to be paid in the form of a fine of around $5 billion. That’s a good bit below the almost $8 billion the company earned in the last quarter of 2018. […]

Debates Makes Dems Leftward Lurch Clear

The Democrats talked for four hours and left two messages. One is for Joe Biden. Stop expecting the deference to which you’ve grown accustomed while holding high office. They may still call you “Vice President”, but you are an unemployed politician drinking in Last Chance Saloon. So stop expecting hostile left-wing moderators to give you […]

GND and MMT: Ideas That Can be Shaped to Matter

One revolution down, two more underway. That about summarizes the situation here in the United States. The completed revolution has been inflicted on the Republican Party, which has been taken over by a New York property developer representing Americans tired of rule by coastal elites who have ignored their concerns. Once the party of fiscal […]


Those of you who have been following the Brexit debate in Britain will know that the Prime Minister’s answer to the first question put to her when a Parliamentary debate opens is “In addition to my duties in this House, I will….”, followed by a list of those duties. If the President of the United […]

The Left Lurch of the Democratic Party: Revolution or Reform?

Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell has been in public office for 44 years, 35 of them as the US senator from Kentucky. He sees America entering “a new political era. …. I can pretty safely say this is the first time in my political career that I thought the essence of America was being debated.” […]

Life In The Boardroom Becomes More Difficult

If I go to Church on Sunday and ball all day Monday, Ain’t nobody’s business if I do” memorably warbled Billie Holiday. That’s fine for a sultry blues singer, but not certainly so for the founder and CEO of one of the world’s largest companies. Jeff Bezos has gotten himself involved in a scandal with […]

Trump’s G20 Meeting Was Better than Advertised

Actually, the president accomplished quite a lot. There is our president at the G20 meeting, center stage with Argentine president Mauricio Macri. There he is meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India. And Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan. And German chancellor Angela Merkel. There he is signing a trade treaty with Canadian prime […]