Is It Time to Break-Up Big Tech?

Uber comes along and ends the rainy days and nights of waving fruitlessly at cabs with flashing “off duty” signs, and governments respond to pressures from threatened incumbents by making life difficult or impossible for the welfare-enhancing newcomer. Amazon spares consumers the chore of driving to malls, picking through racks, and perhaps finding a tolerable […]

AT&T and the Danger of ‘Vertical Integration’

No one should be surprised by the Justice Department’s attempt to block AT&T’s $85 billion bid to acquire Time Warner. Neither economic theory nor recent experience suggests there is anything novel about the antitrust theory underlying the government’s position. If one company exerts significant control over the means of accessing a particular market, and acquires […]

Silicon Valley at the Intersection of Facebook and the iPhone

“Forgive me Lord, for I knew not what I was doing.” No, not Victor Frankenstein after creating his monster. Instead, Tony Fadell, co-creator of the iPhone; and Chamath Palihapitiya and Roger McNamee, a former Facebook executive and investor, respectively. Even Mark Zuckerberg confesses concern with his creation, although in a round-about way: “Facebook has a […]

A High-Stakes Game of Monopoly Trump vs. Bezos.

Well is it a monopoly . Photo credit (Big Stock Photo) In that wonderful movie Patton, George C. Scott’s title character imagines himself in a one-on-one tank battle with Field Marshal Erwin Rommel-the winner wins the war. Donald Trump, who hates the Washington Post and therefore its owner, founder Jeff Bezos, may have a […]

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