Inside the CBO’s Crystal Ball

Seers at the Congressional Budget Office are guessing that due largely to the recent tax cuts, the economy will grow at an annual rate of 3.3 percent this year and 2.4 percent in 2019. Federal Reserve Board monetary policy gurus agree, and expect the tax cuts and the recent budget deal to give the economy […]

US to borrow $1 trillion a year within a decade

US to borrow $1 trillion a year within a decade The Congressional Budget Office says that within ten years America’s debt could cost $1 trillion a year to service and be almost the size of the overall economy. Irwin Stelzer is an economist at the Hudson Institute. The BBC’s Rob Young asked him if he agrees with […]

Mag:Can Trump Square The Circle On Fiscal Reform?

Irwin M Stelzer 5/2/17 This essay was prepared a few weeks before Trump released his sketch of a plan, but it nevertheless might be of interest. There are times when the President of the United States, the most powerful man in the world, wishes he were Chancellor of the Exchequer. That British politician retires […]

Bipartisan Tax Reform: A Modest Proposal

Irwin Stelzer 7/26/17 We are witnessing two absurdities: conservatives who believe that their traditional mantra of smaller government remains relevant in today’s world, and progressives who believe that it makes sense to double down on the policies that create the gravest threat to our systems of economic and political management since the Roosevelt (not […]

Don’t Cut Taxes-Reform Them

I am an admirer of Larry Summers. And of Kevin Hassett. Which is why I mourn Larry’s descent from civility into dismissive name-calling, and Kevin’s ill-considered attack on the Tax Policy Center, an organization with which I often disagree but is staffed by what Larry calls “highly respected former civil servants”-which I take to be […]

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