The Murdoch Method: Observations on Rupert Murdoch’s Management of a Media Empire.
Stelzer, Irwin (Author)
Mar 2018. 304 p. Pegasus, hardcover, $26.95. (9781681777924). 658.

Stelzer, who worked closely with Rupert Murdoch for 35 years, delivers unique insights into the media
mogul’s management techniques in The Murdoch Method.

Loosely defined, the Murdoch Method is revealed as this collection of anecdotes and history unfolds.
Although not in chronological order, the book interlaces Murdoch’s path and philosophies to highlight
attributes of the method, for example, “Bargain tough, but keep your promises.” Each chapter starts with
quotes like these that highlight a key topic, including corporate culture, power, deals, economic regulation,
responsibility, and protecting assets.

Stelzer paints Murdoch as someone who pushes regulations to the edge, is soft on management structure,
and values a deal. Murdoch is also known as a risk-taker and says, “Don’t listen to people who say you are
overpaying if you are convinced that you see opportunities that more conventional thinkers don’t.”

Readers will also find such insights as six ingredients for attracting and retaining employees, among which
are “Loyalty is a two-way street” and “Provide support in a crisis.” These philosophies and more are what
readers will encounter in this unconventional biography in a management book.
— Jennifer Adams